What subjects can staff train in?

TFA Training allows us to build courses that cover all aspects of customer service, from disability and accessibility awareness to specialised technical and practical training.

Our range of disability and accessibility awareness training courses have been developed to meet the requirements of staff in specific job roles, such as reception, sales or restaurant staff. These courses will help staff to understand:

  • The importance of disabled customers to the UK tourism industry
  • What the law says about providing service to disabled customers
  • The different types and levels of impairment which may affect customers and how these may impact on their needs
  • How the language and terminology we use when speaking to or referring to disabled customers can unintentionally cause embarrassment or distress
  • How they can provide high quality service to customers with visual impairments, hearing impairments, mobility impairments and specific physical and cognitive impairments
  • Things they should remember in their role when they are welcoming or assisting disabled customers
  • Things they should make sure they know that may be of help to disabled customers

We are developing our range of more specialised technical and practical training courses and will be adding to this over the coming months.

Check back regularly to see what is available.


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